Telephone Surveys

You sometimes may need the extra personal touch that comes with conducting a telephone survey. Or a telephone survey may be the only way to get you the information for which you are looking. In today’s internet-heavy world it is sometimes easy to forget about the applications that are better suited to telephone surveys.

Survey Design & Analysis partners with a call center that employs native English speakers for all of it’s calling. Our partnership allows you to have calling done by highly trained professionals with whom we have worked successfully for many years. We have the capability for sampling landlines, cell phones or a combination of both. Cell phones are becoming omnipresent. Survey Design & Analysis takes the time to understand your target audience in order to determine the best method and combination of phone types to meet your needs.

With all the phone solicitations we receive now, it is important to separate your survey from those solicitations and even the poorly done telephone surveys. Survey Design & Analysis takes the time to design a telephone script that shows respect for the respondent while obtaining the information you need. How people feel about the survey affects the quality of the data you receive. If you are frustrating your respondent, the data they give you is compromised. (This applies to any type of survey not just telephone surveys, but because of the live interaction on the telephone, the point becomes more pertinent.) It is important to understand your audience completely before starting the design of your survey questions for a telephone survey.

You want to know who is making the calls for your survey and know they have made an effort to make a respondent-friendly telephone script. This is exactly what you’ll get at Survey Design & Analysis. It is always a challenge with surveys (telephone, mail or online survey) to know how well the respondent understands the questions. We make sure the design accounts for this.

Our specific services include:

  • Telephone script development
  • Native English speaker calling professionals
  • White pages landline sampling
  • Cell phone number sampling
  • Area code and zip code targeting
  • CATI programming
  • Email alerts pertaining to customer issues
  • Pricing per completed interview

Survey Design & Analysis has the knowledge, expertise and experience to provide you a accurate, professional and useful telephone survey. You need to be able to count on the fact that your survey is done professionally and will enhance the relationship you have with your survey respondents.

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