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Your employees are your most valuable asset. It pays to stay in touch with their attitudes and perceptions so that they remain satisfied and productive. Research has shown that there is a correlation between employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction, that is, happy employees make for happy customers. Understanding your employees will help your bottom line and is a good way to invest in your future by protecting your most valuable asset.

The benefits of an employee survey, whether it is an Employee Engagement Survey or a Employee Satisfaction Survey or a Climate Survey, go beyond improving your bottom line and protecting your company’s most valuable asset, an employ survey shows that your company cares about its employees and what they think. That will make you a company for which others will want to work, thus enhancing your recruiting efforts. In today’s competitive employment marketplace recruiting and retaining talent is a key factor in maintaining your competitive edge.

Our employee research extends beyond employee surveys. Other research services we provide include:

  • Employee focus groups – get employees together to create ideas and solve problems
  • Statistical consulting – you may have existing Human Resources data that needs a professional statistician to analyze, or you may need basic training in statistical thinking or experimental design for segments of your workforce
  • Quality improvement team facilitation – help make your improvement teams more efficient
  • Quality improvement consulting – results from employ surveys may lead to improvement efforts for which you need help
  • Workforce innovation capability assessments – enhance your innovation capability by surveying your employees on their innovation readiness

Tap into the insights and ideas your employees have through the strategic use of employee surveys. Survey Design & Analysis can help with our unmatched expertise and affordable pricing. We understand that you want quality work at affordable rates to produce results from which you can take positive action.

Let us help you with your next employee survey. As a third-party we can ensure confidentiality for your employees and obtain information that you may not be able to have gotten yourself.

Our specialties include:

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