Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Employee satisfaction is directly related to customer satisfaction and that means it affects your bottom line directly. You can’t afford to learn the hard way that your employees are not satisfied. A regular employee satisfaction survey (annual or biannual) is a trademark of high-performing companies.  Survey Design & Analysis can help you monitor the employee satisfaction at your company, providing meaningful results to help run your business.

Employee satisfaction is made up of a host of elements; Benefits, Work Environment, Management, Company Policies and Procedures, Pay, Co-workers, the Meaningfulness of the Work, Communication, and more. These elements are common to many employee satisfaction surveys, but Survey Design & Analysis does not believe in “one size fits all”. Your employee satisfaction will be customized to match your goals and objectives, your company culture and your workforce. We have yet to run into two different companies that had the same objectives and the same company culture at the same time. This is why we only do custom employee satisfaction surveys.

An employee satisfaction survey conducted on a regular basis can help you identify macro trends in employee satisfaction so that actions can take place before employee turnover because a problem. It can also help your company identify micro-level issues, like problem management, a lack of resources in a specific work-area or a benefits package that is out of date with industry standards.

Your employee satisfaction survey may want to cover specific topics, such as:

  • Job satisfaction
  • Wages and Benefits
  • Employee development
  • Workplace Communication
  • 360-degree evaluations

Survey Design & Analysis will use it’s expertise in survey design and research surveys to craft an employee satisfaction survey specifically for you.

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