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Your brand tells a lot about who you are as a company. Make the most out of the money you spend on your branding and promotion through brand research. Survey Design & Analysis can provide you help with any aspect of your brand research, most prominently in executing brand research surveys. Understanding how your brand is perceived can be critical to understanding your customers and your markets.

Why do brand research?

There are decisions made around your brand and branding on a regular basis. How are these decisions made? It is easy to fall into the trap of thinking something does or doesn’t need changing just based on isolated incidents. Don’t let this happen to you. You should make sure you do yourhomework and collect strong data for your decisions. The textbook approaches may not provide you what you need to move your brand forward in the market place and improve your business. This is where brand research can help. Just like with any decisions you make it pays to do your due diligence.

What brand research should you do?

There is no magic formula for deciding what brand research to do. This depends on your current goals and objectives and the state of your branding efforts. Survey Design & Analysis can help you plan research to fit your needs. You might need to measure brand awareness in the general public or measure the strength of your brand against your competitors’ brands or measure your brand’s market penetration or obtain a measure of your Net Promoter Score* or another measure of how many customers recommend your brand.

*Net Promoter" is a registered trademark of Satmetrix Systems.

What will Survey Design & Analysis Do?

Our brand research is usually includes a mix of qualitative and quantitative work. We start out with qualitative work, which may include focus groups or personal one-on-one in-depth interviews. The interviews provide some two-way communication with customers at the start of the research in order to make sure your efforts are touching on that which is most important to the customer and any later surveys are in the language of the customers.

Quantitative research will use the results from the qualitative research and validate its findings. The quantitative research produces the hard data on which decisions can be made. The qualitative research guides the quantitative research and validates findings from it. This is strictly based on the numbers of participants for each type of research. In-depth interviews and focus groups will typically involve only 10-20 participants while a research survey will receive hundreds of responses.

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