Climate Surveys

You rely on your workforce. Your workforce relies on you to provide a productive work environment. A professionally designed climate survey can help you stay in touch with your employees and take steps toward improving the work environment and avoiding climate issues.

With today’s heightened awareness of discrimination, sexual assault and other cultural issues in the workplace it becomes all the more important to independent feedback from employees about their work environment. You need actionable data that can be used to make improvements or just monitor the attitudes and perceptions of your workers.

You need to have clear goals and objectives for your climate survey to guide the information to be included in the survey. A typical climate survey will include questions that produces information on the rates of sexual harassment incidents as well as your workforce’ knowledge of company policies and the resources available to them.

You want feedback to keep in touch with what's important for your business. SDA will craft a climate survey to meet your objectives. Whether you want to measure the success of your diversity training, identify areas for improvement, measure workplace satisfaction or just obtain some credible feedback from employees, SDA has the expertise to help.

One of our Specialties is Campus Climate Studies for Colleges and Universities.

A campus climate survey should be standard practice for any college or university; in fact it is for many. Not only is the data from a climate survey useful to college or university administrators, conducting one creates an awareness of campus climate issues which can provide improvement straight away.

The interaction between faculty, staff and students creates the climate at your college or university. Assessing and monitoring that climate is key to providing a better atmosphere for collaboration and learning. It is also instrumental in identifying issues and implementing corrective actions.

Today there is more and more scrutiny directed at sexual harassment, diversity and treatment of students on college and university campuses. A climate survey is a good way to ensure problems don’t fester and grow.

How is the climate where you work? Survey Design & Analysis has the expertise, experience and knowledge to help you conduct a climate survey professionally, accurately and most importantly in a way that will enhance the existing climate.

Here are some recent clients for whom we’ve executed a climate survey.

  • Carroll University
  • University of Central Missouri
  • Nichols College
  • Colorado State University
  • Einstein College of Medicine

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