New Product Research

You have a product idea, prototype or maybe an established product in a certain region and you need to decide whether and how to bring that product to market, or to a new market. You want solid information for your decision-making.

Survey Design & Analysis has the expertise and experience to design and administer a new product research survey in a way that gets you the information you need and does so efficiently, making the research affordable. Survey Design & Analysis will not stop at helping you put together the right survey, we will help you plan your research and focus your objectives so that you get the most out of the work done.

You may want to minimize the risk associated with bringing a new idea or product to market or you may need solid data to show investors the merit of your new idea or product. In either case we can help you get the job done right. Survey Design & Analysis has the experience to share with you that can help you on your journey. Often a survey isn’t even the right tool for you and we will recognize that and let you know. Our experts will lead you through all the scenarios, costs and desired data to make sure we are a fit and you have the best chance for a successful project.

A typical project may include:

  • Conducting a cost/benefit analysis on the new product research
  • Developing a research plan
  • Designing the research questionnaire
  • Conducting field testing and data collection
  • Personal interviewing of people from your target audience
  • Conducting focus groups
  • Recruiting research participants
  • Statistical analysis of the research data
  • Complete reporting on research results
  • Recommendations and action planning

New product research can be an involved process. If you have a prototype of the product it is a good idea to get direct feedback from a small group who “try out” the product. The information obtained from this stage then leads to broader testing to vet the idea by measuring the perception of hundreds from the target audience through the use of a survey.

If testing using a prototype product is not possible, then Survey Design & Analysis works with you to present the idea as best we can through detailed descriptions, pictures or videos. Regardless it is important to present the idea in the most realistic setting possible in order to obtain accurate unbiased information.

Survey Design & Analysis is here to help you with your New Product Research “When (Your) Decisions Matter”!

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