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Let us help you connect with your customer. Your relationship with your customers is your most valuable asset. Your customers are your company's life-blood. The vitality of your business depends on having a clear and up to date view of their perceptions and needs. In today’s business world it is not enough to make good products you must also stay in touch and build strong relationships with your customers. The most accurate and efficient way of doing this is through the use of professionally designed and executed customer surveys.

If you're not already surveying your customers, you're missing out on valuable feedback that could make all the difference for your business. And even if you are surveying your customers, you may still be missing out on valuable feedback if you aren't following survey best practices. Regular surveys are the best way to track, measure, and identify trends in customer perception, but they need to be designed by survey experts to get the information you need.

Customer surveys are the window through which you can view your customer’s habits, perceptions and needs. However, if the surveys are not done right you can end up with a distorted view that can hurt your business in multiple ways. It’s easy to write questions and send them out to customers, but it’s challenging to design and execute a customer survey that will actually provide the useful information for improving your business. A poorly designed survey can reflect badly on your company. Your customer surveys should be viewed as a customer relationship management tool. Customers want to work with you to improve the products and services you offer, so do not let a poorly executed survey ruin your opportunity to harness customer good will. Survey Design & Analysis understands this and can help you with all of your customer surveys.

There are several types of customer surveys each tailored to specific types of objectives you may have. Here are the main types of customer surveys:

Survey Design & Analysis will work with you to determine the customer survey that is right for you. 

Net Promoter®* Measurement

The Net Promoter®* measurement is a simple but powerful way to measure the strength of your customer recommendations. There has been much research that shows that customer recommendations are a key factor in company growth. The measurement is made up of a single question, “How likely are you to recommend our company to a friend or colleague with similar needs?” This one question determines your net promoter score and can be used as a measure of where you stand with your customer base. Clearly it does not provide you with insight into how best to make improvements that will lead to a higher score; instead it simply is a way to measure progress.

Survey Design & Analysis uses a five-point Likert scale (Very likely, Likely, Neither likely nor unlikely, Unlikely, Very unlikely) for the likelihood to recommend question. The score is calculated as follows:  Score = (% Very likely) minus (% Neither + % Unlikely + % Very unlikely)

This measure is a standard part of most customer surveys.

*"Net Promoter" is a registered trademark of Satmetrix Systems.     

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