Customer Needs Assessment

One of the most valuable things you can do for your business is to conduct a Customer Needs Assessment.

What is a Customer Needs Assessment?
A customer needs assessment is a detailed look at the needs and expectations of your customers.

If you don't know what is most important to your customers, it is difficult to fulfill their needs and meet their expectations. It is easy to assume you know what your customers want and what is important to them. That can be costly. Even if you are in regular contact with your customers, their true needs and wants are not always on the surface and can take more than a five-minute conversation to understand. This is why Survey Design & Analysis uses personal interviews by skilled interviewers for its customer needs assessments. Unlike a survey, personal interviews allow for two-way communication throughout. This communication style lets the interviewer tailor his or her questions to fit the customer being interviewed. It allows them to dig deeper into the real needs and wants of the customer.

The goal of a customer needs assessment is to understand what customers want and what their true needs are, which are sometimes different than their stated needs. The method of discovery, personal interviews, is limited because of the time and costs of conducting the interviews. Thus, a second phase is necessary when your customer base is more than a few dozen. In this case the second phase involves conducting a broad-based survey across your customer base to validate the results obtained in the first phase, the personal interviews.

Survey Design & Analysis has found this exclusive two-phased approach to be extremely successful for connecting with your customers and obtaining valuable information for customer-based decision-making. The broad-based survey resonates with customers because it was put together based on customer input.

Your customers want to be heard. Don’t just survey your customers, connect with them and respond to their needs.

Survey Design & Analysis recommends conducting a customer needs assessment prior to initiating any customer survey or customer satisfaction survey in order to ensure that you are starting with a clear picture of what is most important to your customers and what they feel their most critical needs are. This makes sure that your customer survey talks to your customer and asks the right questions of the right people in the right way.

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