Marketing Surveys

Survey Design & Analysis can help give your marketing efforts a boost through the use of a marketing survey. You understand that data-based decision making is a good way to improve your bottom line. You may be looking to get feedback on a new company logo; you may be looking at how best to target your customers, or you may want to measure your advertising effectiveness. A marketing survey may be the tool you need.

Understanding your customers and prospects more thoroughly is key to improving your marketing decisions. What journals or magazines do customer/prospects read? What websites do they visit? How much time do they spend on the Internet? How much time do they spend on social media? What are their spending habits? In our competitive world understanding your customers and prospects helps you get the most out of your marketing dollar.

SDA will help you:

  • Understand your market
  • Focus your marketing objectives
  • Measure advertising effectiveness
  • Market test new ideas
  • Measure brand awareness and attitude
  • Measure market satisfaction

By using the right tools for the job (focus groups, telephone interviews, or web surveys) we can make quality-marketing surveys affordable. Simple modifications in policies and procedures can have a major impact on the demand for your products or services. By getting information from stakeholders up front, you remove the guesswork from the design of your next product, product enhancement, or procedure change. Stay in touch with your customers and get better information by improving your approach to your marketing with professionally designed surveys.

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