Employee Engagement Surveys

An engaged workforce is a productive workforce. An employee engagement survey can help you measure how “engaged” your employees are as well as help you understand what is important to your employees.

The more engaged your employees are in their work and with your company the more productive and creative they will be. This is true regardless of the endeavor. In fact, this same concept is what drives Survey Design & Analysis’ philosophy for survey design. We go to great lengths to engage a respondent in their task at hand. An employee engagement survey is a positive step you can take to toward engaging your workforce in the future of your company. Survey Design & Analysis will take care of making sure your employees engage when they are completing your survey!

You may have a number of different objectives for your employee engagement survey, including;

  • To improve organizational effectiveness
  • To establish an employee satisfaction baseline
  • To measure progress on identified projects
  • To compare effectiveness measures (e.g. turnover, morale, attendance) to outside organizations
  • To determine areas in need of improvement

Survey Design & Analysis will customize your employee engagement survey to match your objectives. An employee engagement survey can have many parts and it is important to tailor it to your workforce and the goals you have for them.

Typically, an employee engagement survey will cover some of the same topics you might have in your employee satisfaction survey. These include; the work environment, work relationships and job satisfaction. However, the tenor of the questions may tend more toward how your worker interacts with his job. An employee engagement survey will then likely include more questions about company vision, the feeling of connectedness at work, job expectations, job resources and worker interaction with company processes.

Conduct your employee engagement survey on an annual or bi-annual basis to obtain even more value from the outcomes. Once a baseline has been established then it is easier to identify areas needing improvement and identify whether actions are effecting change in the workplace.

Let Survey Design & Analysis help you with your next employee engagement survey. Our expertise is unmatched and our pricing affordable.

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