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Market research can be the cornerstone of a company’s efforts to stay competitive and retain customers. If you operate in highly competitive markets then you are probably already invested in market research.

Market research takes many forms and Survey Design & Analysis customizes our offerings to meet your needs. Your goals and objectives drive the type of market research and the methods to be used. Survey Design & Analysis will work with you to understand and refine your objectives and devise a research plan that matches these objectives. You realize you need accurate, unbiased data for helping you make critical decisions. Whether you are looking to do your market research with customers, prospects or the general public, the thought process is the same, only the execution changes based on the availability of contact information for your target group.

You can enhance your relationship with your customers and obtain valuable information with market research directed toward them. Your customers can give you credible information about their buying habits, their perceptions of you and your competitors and what they find most important. This is an excellent resource for market research of which every business can take advantage.

If you have an avenue to obtain contact information for viable prospects for you products and services then this presents another opportunity for market research. Even if you don’t have a list yourself, Survey Design & Analysis partners with a company that provides respondents according to your criteria that can provide you information by completing your market research survey. This is a great way for you to get information you need for expanding your market reach, measuring the level of your brand awareness or understanding how to expand your customer base.

Market research using respondents from the general public can be a great way to size your market, measure brand awareness or gauge market penetration by regions or states. Survey Design & Analysis has the capability to target any location in the United States to conduct your market research. 

Survey Design & Analysis has proven expertise designing market research surveys and delivering quality market research. Backed by over 25 years of experience SDA professionals provide the critical skills and service you need:

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