Personal Interviewing

Sometimes when conducting employee, market or customer research you need a deeper understanding of perceptions, habits or needs than is possible from a survey instrument. In these situations Survey Design & Analysis recommends personal interviews, which provide two-way communication and the opportunity to dig deeper into the subject matter.

In-depth personal interviews are effective as a precursor to survey design and development or as a stand-alone research project. Personal interviews can be used for stand-alone research when your target audience is small, usually less than 30, or in instances where you are looking for qualitative data as opposed to quantitative data. In cases where the target audience is bigger and you are looking for quantitative data, personal interviews provide qualitative data that can be used to design the broad-based survey for distribution to a larger audience. In doing so, the survey is written for the respondent, in their language, which improves the quality of the data received.

If you are looking to obtain feedback from clients or prospects about the products and services you provide, Survey Design & Analysis offers its exclusive two-phased approach using personal interviews and then a broad-based survey to validate the information obtained from the in-depth personal interviews.

For a Business-to-Business market research, Survey Design & Analysis recommends executive in-depth personal interviews. Personal interviews are the most versatile form of primary research and are appropriate when targeting detailed perceptions, opinions, and attitudes. Personal interviews are particularly effective when the goal is to capture feedback that is sensitive.  A written interview guide ensures that all essential topics are covered in each interview, while maintaining a free flow interview where a client is allowed to expand on his or her thoughts and ideas.

How it Works

  • During the personal interviews, Survey Design & Analysis explores your customers’ attitudes, experiences and perceptions about working with you.  Survey Design & Analysis might also explore the reasons why customers choose you and why they might choose to work with your competitor companies.
  • Survey Design & Analysis works closely with you to develop the interview guide, to be sure the questions and topics are comprehensive and include all of the areas of inquiry you seek. 
  • A seasoned Survey Design & Analysis professional interviewer conducts the personal interviews. A final report includes detailed findings, including customer quotes, and data analysis.

Sample In-Depth Interviews Objectives

  • Understanding, in great detail, customer thoughts and opinions about the quality of work performed by you. 
  • Obtaining impressions about why customers choose to work with you and how that decision is made. 
  • Obtaining reactions to new product or services ideas

The Methods

  • Identify and invite respondents to participate in a 20-30 minutes in-depth interview with an independent market research professional.  To encourage trust, customers will be assured that their names and company names will not be associated with their comments.
  • Multiple individuals from each customer company will be invited.
  • Interviews will be conducted by phone and will be transcribed.
  • The summary report will be prepared once all interviews are complete.
  • A summary report will be prepared by SDA.

Contact a Survey Design & Analysis professional to determine whether or not in-depth personal interviews are appropriate for you survey objectives.

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