Customer Service Surveys

Customer Service Surveys are an important part of a customer satisfaction program. You work to make your products as good as possible but try as you might problems will arise. Now, your relationship with your customer depends on how well you respond to problems, that is the effectiveness and quality of your customer service.

A customer service survey gives you an opportunity to monitor the quality of the service you provide customers. By installing an on-going “transactional” customer service survey you are able to identify and correct problems related to service as they occur in a timely fashion.  A transactional survey is one that is conducted at the end of a service event. Depending on your specific situation it is best to survey your customer as close to the time of the service event as is practical so that the particulars of the service are fresh in the customer’s mind.

Your business’ customer service events may occur many times per week or only a few times per month. In the latter case you would sample 100% of your customer service events in the former you would likely want to sample only a fraction of the customer service events. In both cases you will want to monitor all responses so that you can take action when a customer situation warrants immediate attention. In addition you will want to roll up all the responses on a quarterly or biannual basis to identify trends that can point to systemic problems.

The key benefits of doing customer service surveys are:

  • Ongoing and timely connection with customers
  • Immediate identification of customer service issues
  • Closes the loop on customer service events
  • Provides data over time, for identifying trends

Survey Design & Analysis can help you:

  • Set up a customer service survey program
  • Develop the appropriate survey questions
  • Determine an optimal sampling rate for your program
  • Develop a dashboard to monitor survey results
  • Perform trend analyses on data
  • Create periodic reports with recommended actions

Make a customer service survey a part of your business in order to maintain and improve customer relations as well as identify opportunities for improvement. Customer service is king in our fast-paced business world and it deserves the corresponding attention. Call or email Survey Design & Analysis now to get the information you need to make an informed decision about your customer service.

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