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As survey experts we see the same mistakes in surveys all the time. If you don’t conduct surveys on a regular basis, it is easy to fall prey to this common set of mistakes. Consider just a few of the following and see if they sound like things you might have hard time avoiding.

A Few Common Mistakes Made When Writing Surveys

  • Asking unnecessary questions
  • Asking questions that cannot or will not produce usable information
  • Making questions too general
  • Providing multiple-choice lists that are too restrictive
  • Not understanding the habits and perceptions of those taking your survey
  • Asking too many open-ended questions
  • Asking too many questions
  • Requiring answers to questions which are hard to answer

You may recognize these mistakes from your own surveys or from those you have been asked to complete. Now you may wonder how to avoid these mistakes. How many questions is “too many”? What makes a question “unnecessary”? How can you tell if your questions are “too general”? Why do you need to understand the perceptions of those taking my survey, isn’t that why you are doing the survey in the first place? How can you tell ahead of time whether a question will provide usable information or not?

These are questions we spend our time thinking about! Our years of experience helps us identify what works. Let us help you understand some of the basic principles that lead to best practice surveys.

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